r e a c t i o n s  f r o m  T H E  C O M M U N I T Y

j o h n  F I S H E R


Award-winning playwright and Artistic Director, Theatre Rhinoceros

Richard Fouts’ THE BIRTHDAY LOTTERY speaks to a time when the government made horrific demands on its constituents and further tortured them with a process that made the horror unbearable. Like waiting for deportation in Nazi Germany or wondering how terrifying Executive Orders in our own time will manifest themselves in law, the draft lottery was a way of making individuals suffer in suspense even as they contemplated their own deaths. Fouts’ drama captures this time beautifully. With nail biting suspense the characters suffer through the torment of a bureaucratic nightmare. The play also captures what it's like to be young and realize your government does not represent you, but serves only to further itself.

For anyone who wrings his hands at the plight of our nation today or has a fascination in where we have come from, this play is a must. It is also full of humanity, humor and love.

a n d r e w  H A R R I S

Author, playwright, director and previous chair of theatre departments at

Columbia University, Southern Methodist University and Texas Christian University.

“An insightful look into a day in American history that should not be forgotten.”

m a r t i n  K I H N

Author and Creator, House of Lies

“The Birthday Lottery really flows, dramatically and verbally. I couldn’t stop reading it once I started, which is the real test.”

c l a y  D A V I D

Winner of Theatre Bay Area Award for Excellence in Theatre, Dean Goodman Best Director in San Francisco, Lee Hartgrave’s FAME Best Play Award, and The VictorBorge Award

“A wonderful story that weaves so much history into a tapestry for our humanity.”


a a r o n  W I L T O N


Member of of SAG-AFTRA and Actors Equity.


"A wild ride with a lot of heart!"


c h r i s t i a n  H A I N E S

Director and Member of Actors Equity

“A great play set in an emotionally charged space that highlights timeless issues.”

j u l i a  M O T Z

Host, Art’s Desire, KWMR Radio

"It is deeply moving; it’s not just about the war but how strong the bonds of friendship are, or aren’t. " 



r i c h a r d  W O L L I N S K Y

KPFA Radio, Bay Area Theater Review

“The Birthday Lottery shows why the Nixon-era lottery, created to even the playing field, took the anti-war movement to new heights.”